Kill Refurb Marry: Epcot Food and Wine Booths


kill refurb marry logoYou guys, I might officially be an alcoholic. This month’s Kill Refurb Marry topic is the Epcot Food and Wine Festival booths and all I’m looking at are the drink options. The thing here is that I’m what you might consider a picky eater.  If you know me then you’re rolling your eyes going “well, duh.” While there are food options that I’m definitely considering tasting when I’m there NEXT MONTH; I’m kinda way too excited to drink my way around the world. My trips to Disney are usually with my family and nobody wants to see that. So I figure since this is the Food and WINE Festival I’m going to focus solely on the adult beverages. My name is Erica and I’m an alcoholic…

Kill: Morocco’s Mimosa Royale

Not an orange in sight! (photo:

Not an orange in sight! (photo:

This is a very personal choice as I have learned the hard way that Erica, alcohol, and Orange Juice do not mix. The Mimosa Royale features Orange Juice with the added bonus of orange liqueur, which means I would be the Conductor on the Hot Mess Express. Something about the acidity of Orange Juice plus alcohol equals a very unhappy me. Honestly, I don’t even really like how it tastes. I will avoid scurvy and get my vitamin C elsewhere. Mimosa Royale climb aboard for a long trip off a short track.

Runner Up: Mmmhops Pale Ale because really?? Hanson?? Ugh.

Refurb: Hops and Barley’s Mostly Samuel Adams Extravaganza

Is this the best you can do Disney? IS IT?? (photo:

Is this the best you can do Disney? IS IT?? (photo:

I’m fully aware many people equate Sam Adams as very American so I get why beer with his likeness would be featured. The idea is nice but I think they could include more breweries from around the entire country. I get that there’s a Craft Beer booth, couldn’t they combine them? There has to be other well-known American beers besides just old Sam to put on the menu. This is a glorious three-hour salute to all beers but mostly Samuel Adams. You have a minute and a half…

Runner Up: Block & Hans Still River Winery Apple Ice Wine because I don’t like apple juice either. What about any other fruit?  I’m super fun on a date.


Me, this view, and a cold Happy Lychee. Perfection. (photo:

Marry: China’s Happy Lychee

Happy Lychee? More like I love you Lychee! I mean, vodka AND tequila? I’m a sucker for anything that has lychee, alcohol, and more alcohol. I’m in heaven. I really hope this drink has actual lychees in it. Seriously.  Happy Lychee, pick out whatever you want in the House of Good Fortune because you earned it baby doll.

Runner Up: Anything from France.  Who doesn’t like sparkling wine or Martini Slush?

Well now that I’ve fully convinced you I should join the next AA meeting with all my choices, what would you pick? So thanks to This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind for that. You ladies can be my sponsors. As usual don’t forget to check out what every one else picked!

A Numbers Game: Marc Turns Three Months Old


Let me preface this by saying I love my friends’ kids. You know I do. However, if I see one more “I’m (insert number here) months old today” photo collage I’m going to scream. Yes, it’s certainly wonderful your baby is growing, learning, and pooping. EVERY. DAMN. MONTH. I don’t care that much. Give me the big updates like 3 months, 6 months, 12 months (that’s a year people), and finally 2 years. Fantastic. But updates each month? Enough is enough. You are clogging up my Facebook newsfeed.

This month it’s my turn to celebrate a superficial passing of time. September 13th is the 3-month birthday of my very own adorable Marc. “Who the hell is Marc?’ you’re thinking in your brain. Well, you have your babies and I have mine. Marc is my beautiful Marc Jacobs bag. This gorgeousness was a very sweet birthday gift from The Scotsman. I explicitly told him not to get me anything but he totally surprised me. (I know; I just puked a little in my mouth too.)

Top: My precious baby turns 3 months! | Bottom Left: Taking Marc to the Park | Right: Little Marc won't sit still, so mischievous!

Top: My precious baby turns 3 months! | Bottom Left: Marc’s first visit Central Park | Right: Lil’ Marc won’t sit still, so mischievous!

Marc keeps getting better and smarter as he gets older. His coloring becomes more complex and he has even been softening as the months fly by. We go everywhere together; he’s such a good travel buddy. Marc likes going to Central Park, The Met, and he even likes to shop. He also never complains or needs a nap.  I couldn’t ask for better, I am one lucky gal.

You love your kids. I love Marc.

Happy 3 months baby boy!

Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Transportation


kill refurb marry logo“¡Por favor manténgase alejado de las puertas!”

Transportation is the sort of thing that can make or break your trip. Think about it: your bus is late, the monorail isn’t running, or the Skyway is GONE. Leave it to the ladies of This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind to come up with another great topic for this month’s Kill Refurb Marry. I didn’t realize how many options Disney had to get you from point A to point B until I started writing this post. What about ride vehicles? They do transport you in a manner of speaking. What about SCIENCE, SCIENCE, SCIENCE. Sorry, my mind sort of wandered there. Well let’s get back to focusing on the topic at hand…

Kill: Magical Express Buses

You can't make me leave! I don't wanna!!  (photo:

You can’t make me leave! I don’t wanna!! (photo:

I have actually not had the pleasure of riding The Magical Express Bus just yet. My sneaking suspicion is that most of you have a love-hate relationship with this mode of transport. I know I will be excited to take this TO The World what with the music playing, videos, and finally, finally getting to a Park again. I also know I will wish death upon the same vehicle for releasing me back into the Real World. Nobody wants to go home and taking the exact same bus seems like the most tortuous way to really stick it to you. Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?

Runner Up: Space Mountain ride vehicles

I like these about as much as they like my messed up spine. Hasn’t Disney ever heard of cushions?

Refurb: These Rental Strollers From the 80’s

You have no idea how much damn time I wasted google searching for a picture of these strollers.  Thanks for nothing internet.  Yikes. (photo: no

You have no idea how much damn time I wasted google searching for a picture of these strollers. Thanks for nothing internet. Yikes. (photo: no

I say bring these beauties back! Stroller parking just doesn’t look the same any more with out these bad boys lined up causing mass confusion. Did you check the badly written nametag? Did it fall off while you were majestically jamming that stroller into a spot? Who could really tell? What I do know is that I miss these horribly uncomfortable strollers. Nothing says luxury like hard seat backs that basically had two positions: straight up or flat on your ass. Like many of my choices this one harkens back to the days of my youth and Disney nostalgia.  Also, running around the parks all day is exhausting. I would so not mind being led via blue stroller around Disney World by a handsome Prince or maybe just Justin Timberlake (damn you Biel!).

Runner Up: The Monorail

Some of these look like they could use a little sprucing up but still I heart you Monorail.

Marry: The Friendship Boat Fleet


Ahoy Matey! (photo:

Nothing says you’re on a Disney vacation to me quite like taking a lazy ride on any of the bazillion Friendship boats. Granted we walked to Epcot when we were lucky enough to stay at The Yacht and Beach Club but never to The Studios. I remember waiting by the docks and watching the little fishies swim around hoping some slob would drop crumbs into the water. The birds, however, were another issue all together. Once you were seated it was so calming and the captains were always so spiffy looking. If you were really lucky you might get your own row and it felt like the Friendship was a private boat. It was so lovely watching the scenery go by and catching glimpses of other resorts. Taking the Friendship only built up excitement for the day to come and a way to rest your feet at the end of a successful day. It’s quite possible my life goal at some point in time was to be a Friendship IV captain.  Can you get waterway rage?

Runner Up: Peter Pan’s Flight pirate ship ride vehicles

Ready everybody? Here we goooo!!! I want to be off to Neverland!

Those were my choices this time around. Do you agree? Do you disagree? You do? GET OUT! Before you do, don’t forget to check out what everyone else picked!

Happy Hour Plot Twist: You’re Not The Boss Of Me


I am notoriously forever running late, usually by about 15 minutes. It’s all part of my charm. As I’ve said before Sarah and I always intend on making happy hour but rarely do we succeed. The last few times we’ve attempted this feat we have failed miserably.  There are a few too many costume changes, makeup/hair decisions and other adjustments that inevitably get made causing us to fall behind schedule.  We always manage to pull ourselves together and look damn cute though: sometimes to the detriment of our dating sanity.

I had a Summer Friday recently, peaced out at exactly 3 o’clock, and headed home to make some last minute improvements to my outfit. Most of my ensemble was pretty much set though I still needed to accessorize and fix my face. I had decided on a cute short-sleeved sweatshirt top. Sweatshirt you say? Well, this particular version has a black lace overlay with an exposed zipper. This makes it the perfect combination of cute but casual. Since this was only for happy hour I just needed a quick touch up, lined my eyes, and put on Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. It looks a lot scarier in the tube but once you put it on (depending on how many layers) it can be somewhat sheer.

Top: Showroom Sample | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Top: Showroom Sample | Jeans: Lucky Brand | Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Not being in the mood for my usual towering heels (we were staying local aka walking) I ransacked my closet for flats. This was a bit tough because I don’t really have any black flats or sandals. Then as it so often happens the light bulb in my brain went off and I knew what to wear. My silver Stuart Weitzman pointy toe flats wound up as a great compliment to the light heather grey of my sweatshirt top. A silver bracelet, necklace, a few midi rings, and a deep side part finished off my happy hour look. I helped Sarah with a quick but adorable hairstyle and we were good to go.

photo 2

Just a few minutes, a couple of bobby pins, and Charles Worthington Big Waves Beach Spray make a quick hairdo!

On this particular outing we (once again) missed happy hour but checked out a cute wine bar in the neighborhood. The lovely Katherine met us there to grab a drink and give me her keys. I check on her people-hating cat Emmylou to make sure she’s still alive and to give her someone to hiss at. She loves me in her own way. Anyway, we had some nice wine and chatted as ladies do.  Keys successfully exchanged Katherine retired for the evening and Sarah went to have a cigarette. While I held down the fort at the bar I noticed some girls attempting an “ussie”. I asked if they wanted me to take it for them and we started chatting. Hailey and her wife Jessica had just moved to NYC and had wanted to check out Crate & Barrel. Unfortunately they arrived after the store closed but decided to get a glass of wine instead and so there we all were.

We had such a nice time talking with Hailey and Jessica that eventually we headed out together for a change of scenery. Sarah had been talking to an older gentleman on her cigarette break that had told her about a place not too far from the wine bar. We figured it would be a back up plan if the drag bar Lips didn’t work out. None of us had been there and we were curious as to what the hubbub was all about. Of course on our way out we ran into Old Guy who reminded us about the aforementioned bar. Sarah let him know we would keep it mind and maybe we would see him there later.  Off we went to Lips and were promptly greeted by a fabulous hostess who took our names down. While we waited we hit the bathroom and became increasingly impatient. The wait was way too long and honestly we just wanted another drink. Back up plan in action we were able to find seats at Old Guy’s bar of choice.

The bar looked cute, the décor was nice, and the drinks started flowing. We actually couldn’t find the bar at first and some random guy gave us directions. He told us to ask for a specific bartender so we sidled right up to the bar and said hi. Shy, delicate flowers we are not. Then at some point a Short Weird Guy wanted to let me know his friend wanted to talk to me. Uh yeah, what are we in middle school? I don’t think so pal. I informed him that we are in fact adults, if his friend wanted to converse he was going to have to put on his big boy pants and do it himself. Apparently, English was not Bad Pinstripe Suit’s first (or maybe even second) language so he needed a little help. He looked like a bad Eastern European version of Good Fellas. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up if I tried. Short Weird Guy interpreted my response with what I’m assuming was way less attitude because Pinstripe walked over and awkwardly attempted conversation. Whatever he said wasn’t worth remembering even in that moment so it was a pretty quick chat.

They left me alone and I had about a minute of peace before some other Heavily Accented Guy tried his hand at wooing me. More unimportant mind numbing conversation was had and I dismissed this guy. Sarah had also been occupied talking to a few lame guys at this point so neither one of us was doing particularly splendid that evening. Then yet another lovely fellow had to tell me how cute I am, my big eyes, and blah…blah…blah. He just was overplaying his hand and would not shut up. Then as most guys are hopeful that when they tell you they’re leaving you’ll just jump into their arms and hop into their bed. Sad Puppy let me know (more then once) he was about to head out and what was I doing. I charmingly told him I was still hanging out and would be going home ALONE.

The problem with guys like this is that sometimes the only way to get rid of them is to let them have your number then block them as soon as humanly possible. I turned to Sarah as soon as he left because my eyes would not stop rolling and I had to see if she had witnessed any of this. Within those 30 seconds Sad Puppy had texted me three times to tell me (again) how cute I am and had also called me. BLOCKED. Seriously?? How desperate are you? Guys, this is not the way to a ladies heart! Sincere compliments are awesome but we can tell when they’re not. This was just; well, it was just sad.

I wish I could tell you that this was the end of the evening but it’s not. There were also some free shots from the manager and the bartender. Then obviously Short Weird Guy had to come back for act two. I’m not sure how the conversation started or even why the words “I’m the man and as the woman you should listen to me” happened but they did. If you ever want to push my buttons and see me get all feminist and hulk smash on your ass now you know how. Oh Lord help him; I was PISSED (and drunk). My hand couldn’t emphasize by banging on the bar hard enough that “NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY TELLS ME WHAT TO DO!”   I also promptly told him “I’M AN ADULT AND I MAKE MY OWN DECISIONS!” Then he thought it would be cute to ask what would happen if I was married. Would I cook and make dinner for my husband? HULK SMASH YOUR FACE ASSHAT. My response was as such “What happens when I come home from work and I’m hungry?” “Who the hell is cooking for me?” “HUH? HUH?” Short Weird Guy started to look a little concerned but kept going anyway. I don’t even recall hearing anything else that came out of his mouth and I couldn’t have cared less. I told him he could “GO FUCK HIMSELF” and that this conversation was over. At this point I just swiveled my ass around and ignored his chauvinistic existence.

Basically this!

Basically this!

To make matters worse Sarah went back outside to have a cigarette and I might have threatened her life if she didn’t come back. I thought I had successfully evaded any further advances with my abrasive performance but no dice. FOR REALS. Heavily Accented Guy decided to try his luck again by telling me he was sorry about his friends. What in the actual fuck. You know Short Weird Guy? Get the FUCK out of my face right now-end quote. Thankfully this bonehead was able to pick up on my outward hostility and get out while he was still breathing.

Fortunately for me Sarah came back inside and had the same urgent need to get us out of there. NEVER AGAIN.

Kids, this is not the end of the story.

Epilogue: This past Friday we decided to hit up the wine bar again because why not? Guess who was there…just guess. Yep, Heavily Accented Guy. And of course, OF COURSE he recognized us. Turns out he is a moron and didn’t exactly remember much of the conversation. The icing on this very fucked up cake is that Short Weird Guy OWNS THE BAR. Moral of the story? I don’t give a shit who you are; if you piss me off I will cut you (ok, not actually cut you but you know what i mean).

Kill Refurb Marry: Songs From Animated Movies


kill refurb marry logoHOLY CRAP. This month’s Kill Refurb Marry is crazy difficult! How am I supposed to pick just one song to marry within the vast pantheon of Disney animated moves?? That’s right, the topic is Songs from Disney’s Animated Movies. There are so many songs that I love and really not that many that bring up strong feelings of hate.  I even thought, “Maybe I’ll google a list and that will help.” UM NO. Not helpful in the least because now I have even more songs floating around in my head. Who goes? Who gets a makeover? Who reigns supreme?

Kill: I’m Wishing (from Snow White)


Bitch Please (photo:

I can’t with this song. A song where a mopey Princess waits around a stupid wishing well for her mopey lame Prince, its just blech. Why don’t you wish for a better song? Or how about you get to stepping Snow White and high tail it out of there before someone offers you an apple. I know, I know, a lot of these Princesses pine for a man but seriously JUST NO. My inner feminist is raging so fare thee well lady and get a Tinder account.

Refurb: Endless Night (from Broadway’s Lion King)

the lion king

ALL THE FEELS! (photo:

Before you get all uppity, hear me out on this one! I was so completely obsessed with this song as soon as I heard Jason Raize belt this out on Broadway. (I’m listening to it right now…uggh it’s so good!) As this is my blog I’ve decided that this Refurb will be an addition to a soundtrack instead! I really wish this could have been in the animated movie. There is so much raw emotion and eventually hope in this song; Endless Night indeed. The Lion King is already a wonderful movie with a fantastic soundtrack but this song could be an amazing addition. The teenager in me will forever hold out for Endless Night to be truly endless.

Runner Up: Love (from Robin Hood)

This song just isn’t that well known. I want to have this as my wedding song, seriously. Don’t steal it. Get it? Robin Hood…stealing…

Marry: A Whole New World (from Aladdin, obviously)


I wonder how much flights cost on a magic carpet ride.. (photo:

This is a sappy favorite for me because (weirdly enough) I had my father-daughter dance to A Whole New World at my Disney themed Bat Mitzvah. It was a tough choice for a girl to make and honestly the DJ didn’t have that many great options for this particular party segment. In any case I do really love this song. Aladdin and Jasmine are realizing that love will lift them up where they belong. Or maybe that’s just the Magic Carpet or another song all together but you get my point. You can’t tell me that I’m the only one to bust out this duet with a friend (or two). The music is great, the lyrics are sweet, and if you don’t find yourself singing along (with hand motions) then there’s no hope for you.  Ever.  In life.

Runner Up: Part of Your World (from The Little Mermaid, duh)

Who doesn’t want to be where the people are? Want to see ‘em, see ‘em dancing? Walking around on those…what do you call them? Oh, FEEETTTT….

2nd Runner Up: Eye To Eye (from A Goofy Movie)


I’ve got myself a notion, one I know that you’ll understand (photo:


This was really a brain-wracking topic, so thanks for that This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind. I stick by my choices even if they aren’t within the rules but then again I was never a rule follower. Disney has so many wonderful songs and some that have become ear-worms. What would be your choices? As always, don’t forget to check out what everyone else has to say!



Charles James: I’ll Take One of Everything


What does a girl do when she has a summer Friday? Go shopping? Enjoy the weather? Hit up Happy Hour early? Not this girl. I decided to take myself to The Met to see the Charles James: Beyond Fashion exhibit. The past week at work was pretty stressful and I needed a mental break. I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon then in my Happy Place surrounded by gorgeous couture.

Do these come in my size??

Do these come in my size??

I’m not going to give you a history lesson or lecture you on the fine points of pattern making and construction. What I will say is this exhibit was amazing and if you don’t check it out before it ends early next month you are CRAZY. James’ attention to detail, structure, and beauty is insane. I was mostly excited to see my favorite gown: The Four Leaf Clover Gown. I’ve seen it before at The Met but Oh God is it incredible. This gown looks so simple (it ain’t) and I love the contrast of the creamy white satin against the black velvet band. If I could have stolen this you know I would have in a heartbeat. Totally worth getting thrown in the clink.

Four Leaf Clover gown: 1953

Four Leaf Clover gown: circa 1953

Clover Gown with lace

Clover Gown with lace

There is another version of this dress with lace which I wouldn’t mind in my closet either but the deceiving simplicity of the white and black…it’s just so striking! This gown is in my opinion the ultimate showstopper. Actually there are so many gowns in this collection that qualify for the moniker of 3-1

photo 2-1This is a two part exhibit; glamorous gowns and dresses that were more every day (I’m using that term loosely).   James created some amazing cocktail dresses, suits, and spectacularly constructed coats. The second section showed another side to the designer, a somewhat more practical side to the 1940’s-50’s woman. By practical, I still mean James’ precision and critical eye. There were more than a few coats I wouldn’t mind adding to my 2-2

Ribbon Ball Gown, Dressing Gown, and Cape

Ribbon Ball Gown, Dressing Gown, and Cape

Accompanying each gown was a computer generated video which showcased the construction and pattern of the piece. There was even a moving arm complete with camera. The short videos examined the physical process of constructing various aspects of the individual gown, suit, or coat. It was so interesting to see exactly how James created his garments. Having the interior shown off really gave you a unique understanding of how incredibly detailed even a coat could be.

I'll take one of each please!

I am sure I can make room for all of these..

photo 4-1

Right side: Diamond Gown circa 1957

This exhibit was the perfect way to clear my mind and immerse myself in some much needed couture. I felt a calm settle over me as I wandered from beautiful gown to beautiful gown. I’ve always loved Charles James and that afternoon turned out to be just what I needed. Who couldn’t use a little couture every now and again?

Butterfly Gown: 1954

Butterfly Gown: circa 1954

Top right: Swan Gown circa 1955

Top right: Swan Gown circa 1955 | Bottom right: Lampshade Gown circa 1955

Everything and Nothing: A Madcap Recap


I have been the absolute worst blogger ever. This is a penny poor excuse but there have been a lot of things happening and I haven’t been posting. It’s been busy and emotional in Erica with a C land; I could seriously use a break from life. So here’s a brief run down on what’s been going on…

I was going out but nothing to write a post about. There went May and with that a Memorial Day Weekend BBQ. Happy Hour drinks, nights out, and a few birthdays were celebrated. I ventured onto The Highline and Chelsea Market, which was really great. I’ve been to Chelsea Market numerous times but never to The Highline. You really should go; it was a lovely way to spend a day with some wonderful friends. It also gave me a chance to bust out a fantastic maxi dress and accessorize it. All the while Scotland Yard and I were still talking thanks to WhatsApp. I don’t even want to think about the cell phone bill I could have racked up if it weren’t for that app.

Dress and Jean Jacket: The Gap | Belt: J.Crew | Gladiator Sandals: Sam Edelman

Dress and Jean Jacket: The Gap | Studded Belt: J.Crew | Gladiator Sandals: Sam Edelman

There was also a night out in the Meat Packing District that reminded me of how much I hate going out there.  I don’t wait in line and I certainly don’t have patience for overly self-important door guys and promoters.  It was a great excuse to really get dressed up and that’s not something I do too often.  I wore the same dress I bought for a birthday a few years back and some fun jewelry.  We wound up having a good time but it was so not worth the hassle.

I'm so fancy, you already know..

I’m so fancy, you already know..

Before I knew it June rolled around and after talking to Scotland (a few times a week since we met) he decided to come back to NYC for three weeks.  Yep, FOR SERIOUS.  I had mentioned my birthday was in June and then here he was again.  There were real actual dates like going to the movies, dinner, drinks, and even The Met.  Checking out The Roof Garden Commission provided wonderful views of the city skyline and of course some refreshing beverages.  We hung out as much as possible in those three weeks and I have to say it was really nice.  What was not so nice was that he had to leave again.  I was an emotional mess and totally unprepared for FEELINGS.  We’re still talking and taking it day by day.  The distance is a bit of a bummer so who knows.  I have no idea what I’m doing but do I ever?

I did, however, manage to have a great birthday spent with close friends and coworkers.  This was the second year in a row that it rained and I’m starting to think that’s good luck.  Again I decided on a casual Happy Hour for my Friday the 13th Birthday and I couldn’t have asked for more.  Everyone who came to celebrate really made me feel loved and thankful to have so many wonderful people in my life.  Awwww.

Surprise cupcakes and my Disney girls (I totally jacked this photo from Katherine's instagram)

Surprise cupcakes and my Disney girls (I totally jacked this photo from Katherine’s instagram)

As it happens July followed June and now here we are.  I had an extremely productive Independence Day weekend, I finally moved!  Surprisingly, I planned ahead and made sure I was all packed up and ready with time to spare.  This was a welcome distraction and a change of scenery is never a bad thing.  I have an amazing patio and am way closer to Central Park.  It’s been really great; Sarah and I have taken full advantage of the situation.  There was also a random recent Friday night listening to the New York Philharmonic in the park.  A few friends and I sat on blankets, snacked, and drank wine.  Fireworks ended the evening in spectacular fashion.

A sunny Saturday in Central Park

A sunny Saturday in Central Park

Well, that’s what’s been going on here and the summer isn’t even over yet!  Not that I want the summer to be over but I could do without all this humidity.  This also means that my Wine and Dine Weekend Spectacular Disney trip is creeping closer.  I may or may not have bought another shirt for a Park outfit I’m putting together…

Kill Refurb Marry: Epcot Pre-Shows


kill refurb marry logoOnce again Kill Refurb Marry has snuck up on me!  This month’s topic as chosen by the lovely ladies from This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind is Epcot Pre-Shows.  Should I base this decision on music? Gimmicks? Or just something that tugs at my heartstrings?  This topic is a lot tougher then I realized; I honestly had a ton of trouble coming up with my choices.  So what did I choose? Read on to find out…

Kill:   Journey into Imagination…With Figment

I wouldn't look so happy if I were you Dreamfinder.. (photo:

I wouldn’t look so happy if I were you Dreamfinder.. (photo:

I don’t know if you’d really consider the queue or Dr. Nigel Channings’ unfortunate introductory speech to be a pre-show.  Thankfully for me this is my blog and I CAN DO WHAT I WANT.  This might really be an act of vengeance on behalf of the Dreamfinder but I want this whole thing blown to bits.  There’s really no rhyme or reason to my choice.  I just don’t frequent enough Circle-Vision shows to justify outright murder.   Call it petty but I stand by my decision.  Sorry Nigel, old chap, but you can take your “degree” and smell a skunk.

Refurb:  Universe of Energy (Ellen’s Energy Adventure)

What is 1995?  (photo:

What is 1995? (photo:

Oh Ellen, I do find you entertaining.  Sure the jokes are a bit on the corny side and the film itself is wildly outdated but it’s cute.  Who doesn’t love Jeopardy?? I have a sinking suspicion being a contestant on an energy themed episode would be a nightmare for just about anyone.  I only wish I had Bill Nye the Science Guy to guide me on a personal tour of Land of the Lost and teach me about the origins of fossil fuel.  While it’s all very sweet, this pre-show could use a Big Bang sized update.  Most of the references probably don’t even register into the collective consciousness of the younger crowd.  I will spare you a T-Rex like rant on the wardrobe, hair, and makeup choices going on.  I think Ellen and Bill Nye would still make a great team (and be relevant).  Disney could certainly afford to cough up some cash and make it happen.  I’ll take “Modern Wardrobe Choices” for $200 Alex!

Marry:  Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

Oooh pretty lights... (photo:

Oooh pretty lights… (photo:

Who does not get chills as Winnie the Pooh/Darkwing Duck (or Jim Cummings if you want to be all correct about it) starts his narration with “Good Evening.”  You must not have feelings or a beating heart.  The music starting to swell, the torches, dreams are on their way.  Let’s not forget the appearance of THE INFERNO BARGE! Fire good!  I can’t think of a better way to end a day at Epcot.  All it takes is that one moment and happiness is eminent.  This is a pre-show that holds it’s own and really sets the mood.  Illuminations, let’s you and me make some magical pyro babies.  I’ll even let the Earth Globe watch if that seals the deal.

Perhaps you strongly disagree with my definition of a pre-show but these were my picks.  What pre-shows would you choose?  Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s options.

Kill Refurb Marry: Disney Princesses


kill refurb marry logoI’ve had a busy couple of weeks and been living in my own bubble. This led me to almost completely neglect Kill Refurb Marry this month! Yikes, how does anyone forget there is a royal execution to carry out? Killing a Princess was not as hard as I thought it was going to be. The real problem is figuring out the rest, there are so many great Royals. So without further ado let’s get that scaffolding ready…

Kill: Snow White

Wipe those tears, your time is up..

Wipe those tears, your time is up.. (image:

I know, I know, she’s the first Princess.  Snow White may be a product of the times but my modern sensibilities just can’t handle her sheep-like mentality.  I can’t get behind wishing for a Prince to come.  Snow White is so passive that it drives me nuts.  Girl, stop cleaning up after the Evil Queen, put down the broom (why are all these Princesses default maids?) and march the hell out of there.  Don’t go to a small dumpy cottage in the woods and clean that too.  History need not repeat itself!  Surely you have some modicum of self worth to not clean the house of everyone you meet??  Get thyself a new wardrobe, a job, and find your own damn man.  Also get a better one.  That Prince is no winner and is certainly not one for deep conversation.  Sure he’s pretty but what about long term? He doesn’t seem like a very proactive guy and kinda creepy.  Mostly silent Prince is willing to kiss some random chick in a COFFIN.  No thanks but I’ll pass.  I hate to do this but I’m going to need that poison apple recipe.

Refurb:  Ariel


Ugh, I want moooreee… (image:

Honestly, I love Ariel but she could use a little heart to heart.  I like that she has dreams and believes in love.  I hate that her intense interest in wanting to be where the people are is (yet again) a man.  True her obsession with humans has been going on for some time.  I MEAN look at that grotto, gadgets and gizmos aplenty!  She’s a bit OCD, no?  Ariel is the youngest sister and lives a sheltered life in Atlantica.   So I get it.  Really I do but there has to be more to life then finding a beau.  She’s inquisitive, caring, and has such potential.  I would have really liked her to take those, what do you call them..feet…and do something a bit more productive then romp around for three days waiting for a kiss.  This ain’t 1989 anymore, sistas are doing it for themselves!

Runner Up: Aurora

What a dumb ass.  You know you’re not supposed to touch that spinning wheel but you do it anyway.  Stay asleep.


Marry: Mulan


Now this is a girl I can take home to mom (even if she’s technically not a Princess).  She’s tough, thinks for herself, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right.  Mulan saves an entire freaking country!  This powerful lady was totally willing to step in for her Dad so she knows the value of family.  Maybe she has some authority issues and doesn’t always listen.  We have that in common so our marriage would surely be lively.  Mulan is a great role model for any kid, especially young girls.  I also really love that even though she gets a man in the end it was on her terms.  See?  I’m not such a Love hater.  Mulan, we can legally get married in New York.  I appreciate your reflection and who you are inside.

Runner Up: Jasmine

Jasmine could step in if Mulan doesn’t work out.  She craves adventure and being able to be her own woman.  I apparently like that in my women.  Lady, you don’t need a Genie.  I’ll make your wishes come true but keep the fancy jewels; we’re probably the same ring size.

Well, those were my choices.  Maybe you agree and maybe you don’t.  Did I unjustly murder your favorite Princess?  Who would you knock off?  Thanks once again to the ladies of  This Happy Place and Mouse on the Mind for another great brain rattling topic.  Don’t forget to check out all the other blogs and their picks!

Clandestine Affair: Is That A Kilt Or Are You Just Happy To See Me


I have a really uncanny knack for attracting guys that are so un-American (complete with accents).  It’s not something I do purposely but it tends to just happen.  Allow me to elaborate…

When you have Good Friday off there’s no better reason to enjoy Happy Hour Thursday.   At least Sarah and I attempted to make it to Happy Hour but to no one’s surprise we completely missed it.  Because I left work later then originally anticipated, I hopped over to Sarah’s so we could catch up while getting ready.  Since I was coming from my super casual office I wore a ripped t-shirt with skinny jeans and boots.  I put my hair in a half up Dutch braid and fixed my eye makeup.  Too much girl talk, Tindering, and a bottle of wine later we were ready to pounce, errr, bounce.  I had some drink coupons left over from a previous night out and figured celebrating Sarah’s birthday was a great excuse.  With drink tickets in hand we went to my favorite Happy Hour bar.

Let me tell you, this is not necessarily the place to meet guys.  I don’t go there for the crowd; I go for the delicious Passion Fruit and Lychee martinis.  I’ve said it before but it’s an interesting mix of people and you never know who will talk to you.  I’ve actually been there on a date or two, the red lights and atmosphere lend itself to a rendezvous.  Sarah and I found seats at the bar and got to ordering.  Some fairly harmless guys chatted us up and the mischief began.  I couldn’t even tell you what mundane things we were talking about, it wasn’t that interesting.  At some point these jokers realized I was a white girl with a BOOTY.  If you know me at all, you know I couldn’t let those mildly average guys get away with that unscathed.  I had to turn the tables so they could see how it feels.  Comparing their respective asses was the least I could do.  Which led to typical puffing of the male ego and I was forced to decide who had the better butt.  They were both fairly flat and equally as lame.  The only fair way to judge this particular challenge was with a firm grasp.  Oh YES.  Asses were grabbed and this time it wasn’t mine!  The final decision was a draw; there could be no victor.



Retiring my judge’s robes, I decided to move on.  Or at least that’s how I vaguely remember it going.  The reality is I probably got bored and figured I would eventually find someone better to talk to.  I have a bad habit of leaving guys stranded and finding someone cuter.  Oopsies.  At any rate I took the seat next to Sarah and bought her a shot in honor of her birthday.  At some point a very bald man sat down next to me and started talking to us.  I have to say as many times as I’ve been to this bar I’ve learned the bar tender’s name but never the owner.  Very Bald Man as it so happens is the owner.  He also had some type of porkpie hat, which I disapprove of greatly.  It looks freaking stupid and we all know you are as hairless as a Sphinx Cat.  Nonetheless I was not going to let his poor fashion decisions stop me (and Sarah) from accepting free booze.  He was nice enough and the conversation was not as bad as his headgear.

A lovely blonde girl also seemed to know Very Bald Man and we all started talking.  Not only did I meet the owner but I also made a new friend.  Blonde hasn’t been in NYC too long but we discovered we are both in the same industry.   She was super nice and we have plans to hang out again.  It’s hard to make new friends as an adult and she even joked about how weird this potentially could have been.  Blonde and I also managed to evade a rather strange guy successfully.  We had a bonding moment; I mean what’s a better way to make friends then to avoid a creeper together?

I know I promised a foreign accent and here is where he comes in so RELAX.  I know you were worried.

Honestly after being half a bottle of wine, free drinks, and free shots in I don’t recall exactly how we started talking but it happened.  Clearly, the first thing I noticed was that he had an accent.  This time I’ve visited a different part of the United Kingdom: Scotland.  That’s a new one for me.  Sure there have been a few Brits and an Irishman or two but never Scottish.  I’m a sucker, what can I say?  We talked about the difference between NYC and Scotland, good bars here, and life in general.  Scotland Yard was explaining to me that he found himself acting/speaking differently for fear of NYers not being able to understand him.  I put a stop to that immediately.  There may or may not have a speech given about being who you are and not changing to please other people.  Apparently that makes me a strong woman and a bit of a feminist.  Seriously, there is no better panty dropper then a hot accent and when he throws around “a wee bit” casually how can you say no?

I’m sure flirting was also thrown in for good measure.  The conversation kept flowing and before we knew it last call approached.  Sarah was talking to another guy and we had all been sitting at a banquette.  Once the lights went on Sarah and I gave each other the “we’re ready to get out of here look.”  So that’s what happened.  I made sure Sarah got a cab (ALONE) and Scotland Yard and me walked back to my place.  I will spare you the details but I will say Scotland Yard knows how to solve a case.

Ok, now this drives me nuts and not in a good way.  He likes to cuddle…uuughhhh, I hate that.  Didn’t we just do enough touching?  Can’t I just roll over and go to sleep?  Why am I always the MAN??  STOP. TOUCHING. ME.  This was a great source of amusement for Scotland Yard but we finally got comfortable.  Numbers were exchanged and the promise of seeing each other later was made.  I figured this was it and he would disappear into the ether.  This was not to be so!



To my utmost surprise and shock, he actually followed through.  Later that day a text was received and dinner/drinks plans were made for that night.  I figured why not, I would just go with the flow for once (instead of overthinking it and living in my head).  We walked around St. Mark’s and settled on Thai food.  Dinner conversation was all over the place, which is a good thing.  We exchanged stories about growing up, our families, and he told me he used to be in a band (they toured, whatever that means).  Damn it, another fucking musician.  There is no denying I have a type and follow a pattern.  Another bar and a few more drinks later we once again headed back to my place.

We hung out in bed for a while the next morning even though he was really here for work.  Apparently I’m very distracting.  I’m also very kissable, which seriously makes me uncomfortable.  Mushy sentiments just feel so strange when you’re thrown lines (many horrible, horrible lines) every time you go out.  I really don’t know how to not want to vomit.  I just nodded and smiled not wanting to offend Scotland Yard; he did seem sincere after all.  Again I got the “I’ll text you later” line but again I’m not one to put any weight behind it.  Also, he was heading back to Scotland the next day so I didn’t think I would be hearing from him later.

Color me surprised when he texted me that evening.  (I know, I know, he’s getting some ass so it’s not all that shocking.)  Luckily I was already out with some friends. This meant I bothered to do my hair, makeup, and put on a cute outfit.  We met up for a few drinks and more conversation.  Scotland Yard talked about how different going out here is versus home and how much he was going to miss NY.  Once again last call passed and the lights were turned on.  Following the trend we went back to my place.  More cases were solved and…ughhh…more cuddles were had.

Unfortunately the weekend had come to an end and Scotland Yard had to high tail it home across the pond.  We’ve already talked and he even sent me the pic we took together (his idea, not mine, I swear!).  There is no possible way to not laugh when you hear the word selfie in a Scottish accent.  Will I ever see him again, who knows?  What I learned is that I can be a girl sometimes, Pringle makes things other then sweaters, and I still love accents.